Buttress Multiventures is the sole distributor for Casa Tunes products in Nigeria.

State of the art Home Theatre

You will be able to play your favorite music, watch television or play videos from any room in the house that you choose

Presentation Systems and Communications Systems for Homes.

We provide state of the art, commercial, audio visual systems for any application

Home Automation

Our Home Automation delivers luxury, comfort, convenience, entertainment, security, safety and energy savings.

About us

From a humble beginning several years ago, Buttress Multiventures has propelled itself into being one of the major players in the smart home/custom installation industry via professional service offerings. One of our specialties at Buttress is making sure technology is never obtrusive but comfortable; a natural extension of the way you live.

Buttress Multiventures is propelled by young, vibrant and seasoned professionals, who have over a decade of experience in the smart home/custom installation industry.